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Papa Acoustic Taxi Hoods - Waterproof and Vandal Proof

Ambient Noise Cancelling Booths

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Papa Series

Hi-Visibility Vandal Resistant Taxi Hoods

Papa Taxi Hoods

Mounted Indoors and Outdoors

Strong and Robust GRP Structure

High quality, light weight acoustic hoods with non-hygroscopic sound absorbing filling material, attenuation up to -24dB

Easy installation, no maintenance required, long-life, anti-corrosive and anti-flammable characteristics.

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red acoustic grp industrial waterproof hood

  • Polyethylene plastic construction (GRP)
  • Anti-flammability fire retardant body and lining
  • Durable, lightweight and chemical resistant body
  • Excellent low temperatures impact properties
  • Insulation liner is resistant to mildew and rot
  • Maintenance free, corrosion resistant and impervious to chemicals
  • Optional colours available upon request
  • Special shape for highly noisy areas
  • High acoustic insulation characteristics -15dB / 24dB
  • Designed for corrosive and saline atmosphere
  • UV resistant and suitable for harsh environment
  • Suitable for heavy industrial telephones (up to 60 kg)
  • Easy fixing system, cables can be passed through structure
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
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    Our Range Of Hoods

    grp fire retardent acoustic taxi telephone hood and booths

    Papa 1

    Yellow Booth

    attenuation -24dB

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    red waterproof grp vandal resistant and fire retardent acoustic hood

    Papa 2

    Orange Booth

    attenuation -24dB

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    strong grp plastic waterproof flame retardant vandal proof acoustic blue hood and booth

    Papa 3

    Blue Booth

    attenuation -24dB

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    red grp acoustic waterproof strong plastic flame retardant hoods and booths

    Papa 4

    Red Booth

    attenuation -24dB

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    blue acoustic grp flame retardant strong acoustic hood

    Papa 5

    Blue Booth

    attenuation -15dB

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    red grp grade fibre glass fire retardant acoustic hoods and booths

    Papa 6

    Red Booth

    attenuation -15dB

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    yellow grp acoustic hood strong anti vandal and water proof booth

    Papa 7

    Yellow Booth

    attenuation -15dB

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    The body and insulation liner is resistant to mildew and rot, suitable to work in the harsh wet conditions with an operating temperature range -30 to +65 deg C. Guaranteed for optimum performance in uncompromising environments

    Anti-Corrosive Body

    Polyethylene plastic structure is resistant against corrosion from natural UV, saline atmospheres and chemical cleaning

    Vandal Resistant

    Papa Series, made from durable (GRP) Glass Reinforced Polyethylene is strong robust and fire-retardant.

    Suitable for Heavy Duty Telephones

    Although light in weight, the strong structure is suitable for industrial telephones of up to 60KG in weight.

    Noise Cancelling

    Papa acoustic booths provide exceptional sound proofing against ambient noise and wind, with non-hygroscopic sound absorbing filling material, attenuation between -16 to -24dB, model dependant.

    Choice of Colours and Logos

    Standard colours are yellow, blue, orange and red, however, other colours are available upon request.  "Taxi" Text is painted on the body of the call point to capture the customer attention. Please speak to us regarding other designs.

    12 Month Warranty

    All our products a sold with a 12-month manufacturer warranty. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for warranty full details.

    Ambient Conditions
    Materials: Materials: Fiberglass reinforced polyester (GRP)  
    Operating Temperature -30°C to +65°C
    Storage Temperature -40°C to +75°C
     Size: 780 *680 *500(mm)
    or 700*650*450(mm)
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